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Awaken Club

AWAKEN CLUB is so honored and blessed to announce the first edition of summer 2024, bringing the super special guests direct from the Amazon forest in Brazil to hold a Ceremonial Concert on our SHAMANIC EDITION.
Kaku, pajé ( Shaman) of the Kamanawa people, is coming with his son Pana, txána, and his daughter Memi, female leader, to share with us the knowledge of their people and to let us feel, throught their songs, the strenght of the Amazon and their tradition, wich they have preserved for thousand of years.
Let´s bring the heat, the culture, the prayers and the powerful singing of the jungle to Stockholm, at the paradisiac oasis in the city, Vintervikens Trädgårdskafé, surround by magnificent nature and lake.

Opening Live Act: Enter the jungle with Noah Oak
(All info about Noah Oak bellow)

We will have a Market with very special Art and Handcrafts from South America and other parts and also Healing Sessions and Ceremonial Cacao will be available provide by Munay Medicine/

After the concert we will dance with the best of Medicine and Shamanic electronic music from around the globe provide by Dj Macuxiva + Live guests.

Finishing the evening with a Shamanic Sound Journey with a co-creation to be announced.

The Noke Koî are an indigenous people from the Pano language
family living in the state of Acre, in the Brazilian Amazon. Divided into six clans, including the Kamanawa(people of the jaguar) and the Varinawa (people of the sun), they are one of the rare indigenous Brazilian groups whose entire population still speaks their mother tongue, Noke Vana, which testifies to their remarkable ability to maintain their ancestral traditions.

The Kamanawa (people of the jaguar) lineage has produced some
great shamans. Kaku’s family belongs to this lineage. His father,
Nehe Kamanawa, was a great shaman and leader who fought for
the demarcation of his indigenous territory. From an early age,
Pana and Memi listened to the stories of their people, and were
introduced to traditional medicines by their elders.

Kaku comes from a line of great shamans from the Kamanawa clan. A guardian of this ancestral knowledge, he dedicates his life
to helping people heal themselves. In the Noke Koî tradition, a person becomes a shaman when the spirit of a sacred snake appears and incorporates the person. It is these spirits that, through the shaman, come to recite prayers for our healing. Paje Kaku carries a powerful spirit and helps us to cleanse ourselves of certain negative energies that can block
our path or cause certain illnesses.

Panã Kamanawa is the eldest son of Pajé Kaku and the grandson of two great Noke Koî shamans. He therefore comes from a long line of healers and priests. Panã is a txaná, one of the musicians of
his people, who brings traditional Txiritis and Saitis songs as well as songs in Portuguese, bringing healing, peace and
joy to those who listen to him. He is one of a group of young people who have spread the traditional knowledge of their people around the world, through culture, medicine and
song. He has travelled throughout Brazil and to other countries to carry out cultural and spiritual work. He is also the youngest leader of the village of Kamanawa, playing an important role for the Noke Koî people. This is how he teaches and inspires future generations.

Memi Kamanawa, leader and medicine woman of her tribe,
she is the wife of Pina Varinawa. Spiritually initiated into the
heart of her family, Memi is the bearer of a powerful spiritual lineage, bringing her feminine strength and her voice that connect us to the nature and wisdom of the Amazon.

Their message:
The intention of this trip to Europe is to be able to share their
traditions and carry this message, that of the forest which is in
danger today and the guardians of these lands. Through their
songs, and some of their traditional medicines, they come to
share their joy and love, with the aim of opening hearts and
helping people to heal and connect with Nature. It’s a time of
union, and they come to us to join forces and protect the living
together for the sake of future generations.

Pris: 555kr
Swish: 0735893265 ( Håkan Bergström )

EXTRA: The KAMANAWAS will hold a Retreat from Thursday to Sunday at Gnesta, and is a unique opportunity to go deeper into the knowledge and healing cerimonies they offer.
All info contact:

Noah is an avid student of the ancestral teachings of the indigenous populations as well as the teachings from the east. He completed the Mamá Samakei diet in the Yawarani village of the Yawanawá people in the beginning of 2022, deepening his commitment to the propagation of the teachings and rights of the native populations of the world.
He is deeply passionate about bringing people together for the benefit of growth and personal development and will be organising the Swedish part of the Kamanawá representatives tour. He has been studying music and shamanic spirituality since 2017, and made it his quest to create medicine music in his native language, Swedish.
Noah has been co-managing Skutesjöns retreat centre in southwestern Sweden, collaborating with many representatives from Indigenous communities and co-creating the Yggdrasil festival of Healing Arts every summer for the last Four years. It is a great joy for him to be on board this vibrant co-creation.

Multimedia artist, the creator and creature behind projects like Favela Viking, Voices of the body, Awaken Club, ETHNOSPHERE and one of the organizers of Lifeful Festival. From Amazonas to Índian to Sweden and many other places, colecting elements of different influences to develop his unique personality, multifaceted artistic expression and music taste. With his foundation on theater, contemporary dance and yoga, Macuxiva has the ability to create magical atmospheres where we can feel unity and explore the spontaneity, creativity and freedom of be ourselves, Macuxiva’s dancefloor is a space of playfullness, expansion and transcendence.

Munay is a word of Quechua origin (indigenous Indians of the Inca Empire). An andean code that represents a state of consciousness in which love, will and power entwine.
For the Q’ero Inca Paqos (shamans) to work with their own Munay is to exercise power, connection and purity.
Medicine: A remedy which specifically promotes healing and the prevention of disease when ingested, consumed, applied or used in some way.
We are MUNAY MEDICINE shop, a space where you will find sacred tools, inspired by earth, like our ceremonial cacao, that will help and assist you in creating moments that heal, transform and bring joy into your life.
Munay Medicine is about receiving the medicine of love so we can walk this earth with integrity and through the honoring of her, in sacred relationship with the elemental world, the spirit world and the humanness that allows us to experience life.